Glossary: W - X



A wine tasting term that describes the viscosity of the wine and the way it sits on the palate.


A wine producing estate in Germany that owns its own vineyards.


A wine producing estate in Germany that purchases its grapes and does not own its own vineyards.


Stands for 'Wine of Origin' and is the appellation system used in South Africa.


White Zinfandel

A style of wine, comprised mostly of the Zinfandel grape, that has been made into an easy drinking, sometimes off-dry, rose style of wine that rose to popularity in the 1980’s.


Whole cluster fermentation

A winemaking term, or phrase, that denotes using the entire grape bunch (with stems and all) when pressing the grapes for their juice. This imparts tannin and flavors compounds from the wooded plant material (stems) being present in the fermentation process.


Wine Press  
A winemaking device that presses the juice out of the grapes before fermentation.





A prominent red wine grape found in Greece.