Glossary: Y - Z




An organism, prevalent all around us, that is necessary for turning the sugar found in all fruit to alcohol by way of chemical conversion.



A type of rock that is used in the fining and filtration process, found mostly in southern Spain and Portugal.



The amount of grapes (or liquid from the crushed grapes) that is available (or allowed by law) from a particular vineyard. The European Union often has laws regulating the amount of liquid can be derived from any on plot of land, as a way to promote higher quality wines.






A synonym for Muscat in Sicily.



A popular red grape, especially in California, which produces a wine with intense fruit flavors and a perceived “sweetness” to the finished product (although many are technically dry). Although originating in Europe, the Zinfandel grape has become a staple of the California wine industry. This grape also makes the eponymous White Zinfandel, a rose style wine with moderate dryness and a wide market appeal.



The study of the fermentation of wine.