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Wine is a fun and interesting topic, but we all need a path to follow when learning new things.

Somm.Site follows the same path that the best hotels and restaurants follow when creating a staff dynamic that exceeds at guest expectations.


Basic Principles of Wine

Introductory Course
Basic Principles of Wine

In our introductory course, we set a baseline of knowledge for our students, setting them up for success in future courses. We cover the basic terminology and production processes you need to understand before taking the Wine for Hospitality professionals course, and introduce the topics you need to know to be a F&B boss.


Here are the topics you will work through in the Intro course:

  • What is Wine?

  • How wine is made

  • Describing wine

  • Main styles of wine

  • Old vs. new world

  • Enjoying & drinking wine


Wine for Hospitality Professionals

Intermediate Course
Wine for Hospitality Professionals

This is the core of our education program, as it takes your wine knowledge to a pro level. For the hospitality employee, this course sets you apart from your peers, readying you for any elevated position in the field. For the enthusiast, this course covers all of the  major grape varieties in a way that helps you explain and enjoy wine with all levels of knowledge.


Here are the topics you will work through in the Intro course:

  • Major grape varieties

  • Sales and service of each wine type

  • Production of each grape variety

  • Main grapes of major wine regions

  • Describing wine to guests & colleagues

  • Serving wine in the hospitality setting


Intro to Sommelier Management

Advanced Course
Intro to Sommelier Management

This course introduces you to the basic functions of hospitality management, with a beverage focused mindset. If you are looking to become a sommelier, a manager or beverage sales representative, this course will prepare you for the types of alcoholic beverages you will encounter along the way. Additionally, the organizational management functions of a hospitality operation are explored, readying you for upward mobility in your career.


Here are the topics you will work through in the Intro course:

  • Major categories of Spirits

  • Sales and service of liquors & liqueurs

  • Production of spirits & beers

  • Menu Development

  • Management Functions: P & L and Financials

  • Organizational Leadership in Restaurants


Outlook for 2023

What's next?
More Courses

Adding to our 3 core courses, Somm.Site will launch our old world, new world and sommelier exam prep classes in the beginning of the new year.

More Content

We will continuously add to our core curriculum over time, making our core even better while adding new courses and learning modalities.

More Resources

As the site grows, look for the areas like the credenza to expand, alongside other ways to learn such as podcasts, new videos and quizzes to track your learning progress. 

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