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Hospitality Leadership

The guest experience is at the heart of hospitality, as it is the reason we exist as a profession. Whether in a hotel or restaurant, fine dining or casual establishment, these principles can assist you in having better guest interactions and creating repeat customers for life.

Management Topics

Food & beverage management is a difficult undertaking, as you are dealing with diverse and multi-variable problems on a daily basis. From human resources, to training and development and guest service; a good restaurant manager has a wide skill set. Below are some key concepts that great restaurant managers and sommeliers should be comfortable executing in the hospitality environment.

Pre-Shift Meetings

The meeting before a shift starts in the hospitality arena is important for setting the tone and creating a high level of focus. A properly delivered pre-shift meeting should be engaging and enthusiastic, and is a chance for management to show their own preparedness for the evening. A great leader will execute these meetings with ease, having their staff ready for duty and their establishment ready for a highly successful shift. 

Beverage Packages

This is an amenity that can serve as a sales catalyst and aide in the flow of service for large events. Additionally, beverage packages can be beneficial to the cost percentage of an establishment if executed correctly. There is no reason why every food & beverage operation does not have a readily available package for their event marketing team to sell and advertise. 

Wines by the Glass Program

Many managers leave their wine by the glass program up to the sommelier or wine director, yet understanding this component can set you apart from your peers. Offering assistance to this part of the business and understanding it better can be a great asset in your portfolio of experience. 

Coaching & Counselling 

Mentoring and disciplining your employees is probably the most important part of being a hospitality manager. Successful coaching & counselling is a crucial component of business, and being able to guide your employees to better performance is a true asset in the hospitality management field. Focusing on the positive and training away from the negative yields big results when managing employees.

Training & Development Programs

A quality training initiative is a great way to not only improve the acumen of your staff members; it is also a great way to show your own knowledge as a leader in the hospitality environment. Preparation goes a long way in properly executing a training program, and when coupled with positivity, it is a home run for your establishment. 

Vendor Relationships

Building relationships with your vendors is important for executing quality beverage programs that increase your businesses bottom line. Having a plan when dealing with those selling items to your establishment is crucial to making this interaction work for your business.