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Thank you for visiting Somm.Site, an educational community delivering high-quality hospitality training with focus on alcoholic beverage sales and service. We feature courses for the beginner, the hospitality pro and the aspiring manager or director. Want to learn more about us? Or are you ready to jump in?

About Somm.Site

This site is useful for all those wishing to acquire more knowledge about alcoholic beverages; particularly the service and enjoyment of wine and spirits. If you are just starting out, go through the Beginners Section to build your foundational knowledge. If you are a hospitality professional or simply know the basics and are ready for more, the Wine & Spirits section will give you a deeper knowledge of selling and serving alcohol. The sections on Hospitality Leadership, The Credenza and The Sommeliers Index are ready to take you deeper into the world of alcoholic beverages as well as guest sales and service.


About The Content

A good sommelier can increase sales, run a good wine program and help the overall functioning of a fine dining establishment. A great sommelier does all of that while making the people around them better through sharing their knowledge and leading by example. Somm.Site delivers education the same way a great sommelier should; crafted toward their audience and delivered in an approachable manner. Whether you are a new graduate or an industry pro, a novice wine enthusiast or an accidental visitor to the site; Somm.Site can help you increase your knowledge of food & beverage.

The Path Forward

SOMM.SITE launches as a website in the summer of 2022, with a premium app becoming available by the end of the year. The premium version will provide more than double the educational content featured on the website, and will contain the full version of The Sommelier Index, an online database of alcoholic beverage information.