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About the Founder

My career includes Over 200,000 guests served, Over 30,000 hours as a sommelier & wine director, and employment at 3 fortune 500 hospitality companies & 2 Michelin starred establishments.

Derek Engles

"I have worked for some of the best chefs and hospitality organizations in the country, and I feel there is a lack of quality, applicable education that is available for hospitality employees looking to get promoted or pivot into better positions. Somm.Site is the culmination of a career spent helping servers, bartenders and support staff get promoted and be more successful in their careers."

When it comes to teaching, just keep everyone engaged!

Small bites of pertinent information.

"I have developed award winning wine programs for 2 decades, and built a quality education program for each post I have held. I can teach you about wine in a way that helped you understand it, explain it and select it better without the lengthy lectures or heavy price tag."

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